Kingdom Death News! - Holiday Sale and welcoming 2020!
KDU#51 - Holiday Sale
KDU#51 - The End of The Decade

Team Death is celebrating the holiday with friends and family after a monumental year and decade. We would like to thank our fans, backers, and bakcers for a truly wonderful decade and a year. In 2020 we set our sights on another decade of insanity!

In the new year, we wish you the same things we hope for ourselves, to triumph over new challenges and embark on ever-changing adventures.

To this end, we have one final sale and a new figure format surprise. This holiday sale we have your favorite seasonal offerings (Santa Satan, Holiday Nico, Xmas Twilight Knight, Winter and Holiday Death Dice). In addition, a new generic Boxer comes out swinging. Finally, a Kingdom Death BUST.

Enjoy whatever you celebrate with cheer and glee!! 

Please note items will be shipping in the new year since Team Death is taking a break. Orders are expected to start shipping January 15th, 2020!!

Holiday Store Sale!

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Community Spotlight

We’re in the thick of the holiday season. The vibrant technicolored lights of the season shine through the cold encroaching darkness. Sound familiar?  It’s no secret that we love all Holidays here at Kingdom Death. Around this time every year we see the talent and creativity of our community manifested in all manners of festive paints, cosplays, and tales of grand campaign triumphs and defeats alike. We’ve survived another year in the darkness, thank you for sharing with us.  

Today, we’ll look back at a few of the entries from the Echoes of Death painting contest over on Discord, a very special Screaming Antelope showdown, as well as a handsome lion too large and hungry not to feature. 

If we missed your project, be sure to share it with us on the official KD Twitter account @kingdomdeath

First Chair!

Congratulations to turgza, the platinum medal winner of the 2019 Echoes of Paint competition!!! Turgza took home the biggest prize with their magnificent paintjob of the Bard from Echoes of Death 2. This glowing effect on the base and edges of the model set the stage for a haunting performance from this whisker harp virtuoso. 

Tremendous style and coloring turgza! It’s no surprise that your Bard earned first chair.

Technicolored Dream Mage

Atolm_Dragon’s entry into the Echoes of Paint contest has us feeling absolutely enchanted. It appears that, while achieving the impossible with the Ethereal Pact strain fighting art, this newly born savior was also born in prismatic color. The precision with which each piece of apparel and decorations is painted is awe-inspiring. And that matte finish with the modified base makes this a mini perfect beyond our wildest ethereal dreams. 
BaronVonUcase’s Echoes of Paint entry has caught our eyes and our hearts! More specifically, caught our hearts through our backs, using her Backstabber strain fighting art. The color scheme on this model is tremendous. Her cloth and hair colors give this paint job an almost arctic feel. Love how the hues of the skin compliment the blonde and bone dagger, and contrast with the lion stone faced base. 
Jungle Cat

Feast your eyes on grad.student.painter’s snarling Gigalion. Judging by the verdant stone-faced base, it appears that this particular big cat has ventured from Deadrock into the Abyssal Woods where it has caught an unlucky survivor in its massive giga claws. There’s so much to appreciate about this paint job: the texturing technique on Lion’s brawlic frame, the deep red gore effect on the base on the maw of the beast, and the wild vibrant eyes. Great work!

Joining in on Antelope Games 

We couldn’t help but to give a shout-out to DystopiaMatt for giving us a glimpse into a wonderful winter wonderland, or terrible winter horrorland depending on your perspective. It’s a pitched battle between Rudolph the Red-Eyed Antelope versus Krampus and its festive fiends! Loving the icy terrain and snow covered evergreens; this scene has warmed our cold hearts. 

Here Comes Santa Satan!

Here’s CalveraMinis’ Santa Satan come to deliver Lumps of Atnas for all the good children of Kingdom Death, and bad children of Kingdom Death. Everyone is getting Lumps of Atnas from Santa Satan!. We were enamored by CalveraMinis paint of Satan’s holiday human frame. The detail is impeccable, down to the individual goosebumps on their skin in the snowy weather! Superb work, let’s just hope all of Satan’s lumps can fit safely through that chimney. 

Nico, Did You Know?

Nico knows you’ve been naughty this Lantern Year, maybe you’ve conveniently forgotten about a certain disorder, neglected to sign the Scribe’s Book, or even taken a certain six letter settlement event out of the deck. Whatever your transgressions, nikkikolls’ Holiday White Speaker Nico is here to tell you the true meaning of death, now gain 2 bleeding tokens. 

Nico looks absolutely lavish donning antlers as she lounges on her throne of faces with blood red ribbons that match her fat sack. Nikkikolls’ paint has captured and enhanced the sly yuletide spirit of this model. 


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Please note items will be shipping in the new year since team death is taking a break. Orders are expected to start shipping January 15th, 2012!!

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