Kingdom Death News! - Summer Painting Contest!
KDU#70 - June 2022

KDU#70 - Summer Pinup Painting Contest

The days are getting longer here in NYC, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate the extra sunlight than with a vivacious June newsletter for our favorite fans: all of you! For this month's sale we've got a couple new releases, a terrifying t-shirt, and a special pin-up proffer!

Keep reading below to learn more about Lantern Aya, Barbarian Allister, and how you can get your hands on our much sought-after single-release pinup miniatures!
Paint Pinups for Fabulous Prizes

Have you been wanting to get your hands on a King's Coin, freshly minted for your brush only? How about a pinup "miniature" at a full and glorious 1/8th scale?? If those aren't tempting enough, how would you like the opportunity to choose our next pinup content??? Boy, have we got good news for you.

You can earn a chance at all those prizes and more by entering our official Kingdom Death Pinup Painting Contest! Starting on July 14th, we'll be perusing our players & painters for the finest paintjobs, worthy of the KD seal of approval and a crispy King's Coin to make it official. Stay tuned for more details about how to enter and where to send your work on July 14th.

While you wait, pick up one of our 32 single-release pinup miniatures, now available for a limited time at the Kingdom Death webstore!
Lantern Aya

With her wish fulfilled and one of the 13 Death Crowns in hand, Aya found herself unable to face her destiny and joined a settlement where she secretly buried the cursed relic. Lantern years faded into the darkness as Aya became a champion among her peers, the Crown calling her back to defend the stone prison she had made for it.
Barbarian Allister

Our Starting Survivor Allister, reimagined as a Stone Sword-wielding barbarian! Those mad enough to hunt the Sculptors like quarry often drink its stone blood and wear pure confidence like layers of armor.

June 2022 Sale and Releases

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Seasonal Selections
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Community Spotlight

Our Generic line of miniatures, a collaboration between Adam and Lokman Lam, puts our spin on well established tropes in fantasy art. This month we’ll be looking at three Generic paints that are anything but! A devoted priestess, a desert princess, and a sharp-eyed financier. Oh, and we couldn’t help but to include a Dragon King and Dragon Tyrant.

Easy Money Sniper

Millenia_minis scores a headshot with this precision paint of the Investment Sniper. Investment Snipers manage the various interests of ‘the Bank’ which include violently executing living loans and curating the investments of heroes seeking monstrous paydays. The artist added some shiny gears and screws to the base beside the Sniper’s safe. Could these be the remnants of a deal gone wrong? Whatever the answer, we know for certain that this sniper has earned blue-chip status.


Striding Through the Desert 

Having killed her suitor for the crime of presenting her a dead sylph, the Princess protects all that is delicate and beautiful with weapons fashioned from the sylph’s corpse. Brushforhire’s composition of the Strider Princess is as flawless and pure as those creatures the Princess herself has sworn to protect. She looks like she’s traversing a desert biome with those thriving succulents at her feet. We love the way her weapons and attire flow together with the scenery.

Blessed Baker

Done as a part of the Painting Relay from the Lantern’s Reign server on Discord, Nick Topping has blessed us with this Priestess paint. Priestesses serve their creator ‘Supreme Value’ by measuring and maintaining the dimensions of their world. They are also known for baking divine treats. This piece is perfectly true to Lokman Lam’s original art, from the textures on the tights to the shine on Priestess’s holy cross and holy hair.


Two Bodies, One Ruler

Standing atop radiating lava pools are Four Realms of Chaos's take on the two forms of this monstrous ruler. In front is the Dragon Tyrant, a harsh taskmaster dressed in robes who cultivates a settlement of celestial survivors. Behind the Tyrant in matching colors is its quarry form: the Dragon King, a hulking creature bursting with barely contained radiation. Terrific work, the entities of the stars would be pleased.

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