Kingdom Death News! - Summer Sale!
KDU#64 - July 2021

KDU#64 - Summer Sings

With an icy energy drink in hand and our eyes on the screen and page we have locked into full development mode with focus on completing the Gambler's Chest. We will be all hands on deck to finish the Gambler's Chest with the intention of sending it off to print in October 2021.

This will be Kingdom Death's last sale until development on the Gambler's Chest Expansion is finished. The store will still stay open and customer support will be there for you in all capacities, however no new items will be posted for sale.

For this special summer sendoff all 5 Pinup Collections make their way to the store, with all but Series 1 being first timers! Sharing the new spotlight we have the alluring Blushing Owl, the regal Lost Princess, the high hitting Dragon Slayer, and the spry Lagomorph Survivors. And on top of allll of that, we searched far and wide throughout our warehouses and recovered a slew of current expansions!

The Gambler's Chest

It is happening! We are getting closer and closer to completion with each passing day. As of this morning the small artwork for embellishing Atnas' intro page came in and I am getting a lot of positive reports from the remote playtest team (thank you sim we created so we could work effectively again)!

The Crimson Crocodile has become an office favorite and the challenges of the new campaign and philosophy system are forcing players to re-think and re-approach their campaign strategies. Currently I am going thru the rulebook, adjusting, embellishing, and adding small artwork to the slew of story events it comes packed with. Anyway, while we work, please focus on a summer of assembling and painting 5 collections worth of KD pinups!

The State of Shipping

Currently all orders are shipping from the United States DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid). This means all customers are responsible for any and all taxes/fees/charges they may encounter when receiving their shipment. Please consult your country's laws in regards to this.

We are working with 3 different companies in hopes to reestablish hubs in the UK & EU so we can provide our customers in those areas DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) in the future. Between COVID, local bureaucracies, and the unprecedented chaos that global logistics is at the moment, this is taking longer than anticipated. 

Pinups of Death

Pinups of Death Series 1 was our first foray into hard plastic and was sold directly through our store. We expanded the range and introduced 13 more unique hard plastic pinups during our first Kickstarter for Monster. From there we expanded the pinup collections with 3 more and bundled them with extra optional content for use with Monster. For those of you who were part of the Kickstarter for Monster 1.5 (thank you!), these are the same Pinup Collections that were offered there.

Current Expansions

Delving deep into the dark and mysterious warehouse where KD products reside, a slew of current expansions were found! Now available, these are definitively the last batch we will have before we reprint them. Due to their limited quantities, we are enforcing a limit per a customer/order, thanks for your understanding.

Summer Sale and Releases

New Sizzling Pinup Collections
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New Releases
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Current Expansions - Limited Restock!
Current Expansions Available 

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Returning Encores
Elf - Read More
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Seasonal Selections
Summer Death Dice - Read More

Community Spotlight

It’s our last community spotlight till Gambler’s Chest is sent off to print! Thanks to all who’ve been reading, playing, and painting. We can’t wait to see all the ways you bring those models to life! Until then, we present to you a gardener in bloom, a survivor on a manhunt, a tree ripe with flesh, and two very attractive entities. As always use our #kingdomdeath if you’d like us to see your work on Twitter or Instagram.
Royalty in Gold Trim
Andrew Skidchenko gives us a feast for the eyes with a sexy pair of Dragon Goblin pinups. The ‘Dragon Goblin’ is known to be a very deceitful god with many titles and aliases, which makes us wonder what white lies Andrew’s pinups have been telling us from their perfectly painted mouths! The artist does a bang up job coloring the intricate details on these beauties, from the gold trimmings and Sparrow Masks to the subtle tone shifts from hair to sleeves and stockings.
Sunset Swordsman
Electric Eve has set roots in our hearts with this stunning Flower Knight. Never before has the heart of the woods grown such beautiful flora like those emanating from the Gardener’s custom base. The knight’s armor carries a perfect metallic sheen from the helm to the sabatons, and a breathtaking warm sunset sheen on the breeches to boot.
Fruits of Labor
Plastic.crack.carl decorates his Lonely Tree with calm shading reminiscent of light flesh, a perfect tone for pulsating fruits. The painter adds small flora that provide an autumnal accent to a custom base of faces and fingers. The cool tone of the lanterns hanging from thrashing limbs adds a touch of contrast and completes the model. A spectacular take on this lonesome arbor.
Hunting the Hunter
With their rendition of Astri the Promised, ZERO gives us an intimate look at the progression of the model, and a true to art depiction of the survivor in furious pursuit of the Sword Hunter. It’s a fascinating and instructive glimpse into how this model evolved. Observe the subtle progression of the sword’s coloring as it gets a slight blood compass reflection as finishing detail.


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