Kingdom Death News! - Valentine's Takes the Cake
KDU#42 - February 2019 Sale

KDU#42 - We 🖤 Minis

Here at Kingdom Death we’re happy to welcome the season of heart-shaped sweets and love juice. To celebrate, we present you with a fresh bouquet of Valentine's Day miniatures, dice, and encores!

February 2019 Releases

Valentine's Releases and Exclusives
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New Releases
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Monster Core Game
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Community Spotlight

The bright, vibrant hues emanating from our fans’ figures brought smiles to our stone faces. We hope you too are smitten by the bounty of imagination displayed in our community. Here are just a few of our favorite projects from across the digital lovescape. Share the love with the official KD Twitter account: @kingdomdeath.

Knighttime Dreams

We are absolutely entranced by painter Phresh Paint’s ethereal take on the Gold Smoke Knight, or the ‘Dream Knight’ as Phresh Paint calls it. The GSK’s dour visage has been suitably brightened by brilliant pastel hues that radiate from its fuming sollerets to its mournful mask. We’ll be daydreaming of the happy blends on this ashen foe for a long time.

A Tail of Two Maws

@turg_z has presented us with a few innovations to one of KD’s most iconic beasts. Armed with hot glue, ZTurg added a cobweb-like drool to the Antelope’s Giant Mouth, in addition to modifying the monster’s other, more front-facing maw. Now the Antelope’s Giant Tongue and flat teeth are in full view as it screams into the darkness! Bonus points for the additional gnarling of the monster’s horns, and the wild restless eyes that instill a sense of panic.
Elegance in Electric Blue

Incandescent lantern and Twilight Sword in hand, @ICantThinkEm's Black Friday Ninja has sleekly stepped into our lives, and we couldn’t be more impressed. Elegantly colored in variant shades of blue and cobalt, our stealthy friend looks particularly striking atop her electric base. The detailing on her hair coupled with the stark contrast of her stone face mask are especially eye-catching.

Alone Together

Valentine’s Day ushers in memories of companionship, both recent and distant. Thus, we found reddit user tashun_poluchun’s intimacy couple paint job quite poignant. Often depicted as fresh faced survivors, these two seem to have a bit of shared Hunt XP between them. Rotating in worn distinction, their weathered and lined figures almost resemble the stone faces themselves. Though they are separated at the present moment, their destinies are bound, yoked in stalwart partnership that has blunted lantern years filled with trials and tribulations. Love the distinctive style of subtle earth tones.

Sci-fi Stunner

Standing chic upon a base of shimmering violet and turquoise, it’s hard not to be disarmed by the beauty of @GarySailor neon-lit Sci-Fi Flower Knight. The subtle way in which the monochromatic colors of the base blend up into the figure of the Flower Knight is sincerely entrancing! We wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of this Knight’s hypnotic deflection.

The Devil in the Shadows

Congratulations to @Iri_Paints for winning CanCon’s overnight challenge with her object source lighting take on the Devil Satan. The way the light bounces off the Devil Satan’s shimmering figure, it’s not hard to see why judges were so mesmerized. 


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