Kingdom Death News! - Holiday Sale!
KDU#66 - December 2021

KDU#66 - Happy Holidays!

The Frozen Star stares down on us all. Its icy gaze rendering our surface layers clear as frozen water. Revealing the trapped air bubbles shimmering in the darkest, most exhausted crevices of our minds and bodies. To precious few, it grants its Grace, a miracle ability recorded on the pages of a discarded rag in the corpse-filled library nestled in the hollows of our brain tubes.

I wish everyone happy holidays! And for those of us that have faced extraordinary life events and hardships this year I wish you an extra merry holiday season!

Let us all join metaphorical hands in praise to the Dark Gods of logistics and supply chain to bring us many more Kingdom Death goodies to enjoy next year. And whatever you do, do not invoke Atnas at your festive parties.

Happy Holidays!

Oh and a big thank you to all the hard working people busting their butts to deliver packages in the most busy shipping season we have had to date! 

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The State of Mail Delivery

Between the continued global pandemic and the holiday season, mail systems have been under an incredible strain. As always, we appreciate the patience of our customers and ask that you understand that delays are expected and normal. This also means that some orders are still making their way to customers from Black Friday.

The Kingdom Death team will also be on holiday break until the new year. Any orders placed after December 23rd 2021 will begin shipping January 7th 2022.


Do you need help? We want to help you. Please submit a ticket here:

Do not send us support messages thru kickstarter, twitter or instagram. 
Thank you!
When will my order ship? 

Shipping has been severely impacted by the Covid19 Pandemic. Please expect a longer time for your parcels to arrive.

High volume sales may cause shipping delays. Generally we pack and ship orders daily, however during new releases we estimate shipping delays up to 2 weeks. We apologize, please be kind to our team as they process and pack your order. Thank you!
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