Early Access is Open

The Kingdom Death: Simulator (KDS) is a Early Access project in active development that allows you to play the Kingdom Death: Monster Core Game online in a sand box simulator style, over a bespoke table, next to a lantern-place, in a eerie dwelling, in the dark dark woods.

KDS is a humble but ambitious project exploring our dream game getaway. It is in early development, with many features and charming surprises planned. As we reach milestones, its cost will increase. Thank you.

Active Development!

Kingdom Death: Simulator is a project in active development.

It aspires to three different aspects of experience.

The game room allows players to play Kingdom Death: Monster together online in a sandbox environment.

The dwelling is a single-player exploration. As they discover its secrets, players can collect furnishings and dark heirlooms to enhance their game room. This is still under development.

Lastly players will immerse themselves in the beloved Kingdom Death experience of hobbying! Building, painting, and customizing models that they can use in their game room and even pack up to visit a friend’s dwelling. Planned for far-future versions.


Play Kingdom Death: Monster online.

Roll dice, move miniatures, draw cards, create decks, place tokens, adjust survivor and settlement record sheets and brush up on rules in your persistent game room. You can even drop in to watch your friends play with a dynamic camera that follows the action.

Please be mindful, the Dark Dwelling-Keeper is not yet available. If you make a mess in your room, you will need to tidy up!

Explore. (Planned Feature)

The dwelling is the ultimate place to play Kingdom Death: Monster. For those daring enough, they may explore its paranormal grounds in search of furnishings and heirlooms, or perhaps to unravel the mysteries of its former owners.

The exploration feature of the game is in very early development.

There is nothing yet to experience beyond this hallway.

Hobby. (Planned Feature)

Assemble Miniatures.

Paint your Collection.

Magnetize Optional Parts.

And More!

The Hobby feature of KDS is in very early development.

No part of it is accessible at this time.

Support KDS.

Thank you to the hundreds of fans that purchased a Founder's Stone Momento!

If you love this project as much as we do and want to show even more support, we have a dedicated token of appreciation for you. The Founder's Stone Momento is artwork that can be proudly displayed in your Kingdom Death: Simulator game room.

The Founder's Stone Momento will be delivered to your dwelling in December when the team has put the finishing touches on its in-game incarnation.


Our Lantern in the Dark.


During the difficult times when we couldn’t meet in person and struggled with a seemingly never-ending series of personal and professional challenges, KDS was our lantern in the dark. It brought us back together, it raised our morale, and it gave us the ability to work and create at the level we needed to.

Evolving from a simple tool we used to reconnect, KDS has given us new way to play with and bid farewell to our beloved survivors! We want to bring that to everyone.

Dark Architects on the Job

Created by a new team dedicated solely to KDS, we can ensure that KDS’s progress continues to enhance the development speed and accuracy of our kickstarter promises. Its support will allow the Dark Architects to create more internal tools and features for us to use. Many of these will eventually be polished and made available to the fans of KDS. We are already excited about the prospect of sharing future content through KDS before it goes to print and hosting select preview showdowns!

Boutique Application
KDS is being developed with a specific limited audience in mind and is not intended for mass appeal or mass market. Because of this, our costs and the prices we offer future features at may be different than the industry standard.

Thank you in advance for understanding.

We plan to make our expansions and game content beyond the Core Game available in KDS as separate purchases in the future.

Showdown Tracker Alpha
At some point in the future, we will return to the tracker and release a more polished version of it for owners of the core game. It will be a useful application for tracking your models' positions and rolling dice in a digital space, but it will not contain cards and games rules like KDS.