Kingdom Death News! - BLACK FRIDAY - November 2022
KDU#75 - November 2022

KDU#75 - Black Friday & Season's End 2022

Cling tight to your lanterns because Black Friday is here, and we’re all suffering knockback! On this blackest day of the year, the Kingdom Death shop celebrates with a sale. New releases, rare discounts, unusual finds fill the shop. Scroll to check out what's in store! Over at Backerkit, pledges reopen for future content and discounted preorders are available for expansions, vignettes, and more.

For the first time, Kingdom Death: Monster enters a virtual world with the announcement of Kingdom Death Simulator. Unlock the doors to the dwelling.

In addition, the truly titanic kickstarter 100th update appears. Check out everything that Black Friday has to offer.

For those observing, have a wonderful holiday!



Black Friday Kickstarter Update 

Check our Black Friday 2022 kickstarter update. Gambler's Chest updates, Inverted Mountain, a feast of kickstarter news awaits.


Pledge Manager Reopens

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Kingdom Death Simulator Opens Its Doors

The virtual Monster experience arrives. Play the game with friends in a dwelling fit for Kingdom Death. Order your keys or learn more.

New Releases
Death High Zachary

Atnas Happy Holidays Limited Tee

Naked Cat-Eater Knight

Screaming Sun Armor - Lucy

White Sunlion Armor - Erza - Plastic

(Images shown are photoresin. The final product you will receive is plastic.)

Seasonal Returns

Black Friday Dice

Naked Questing Maids - Read More

Naked Forbidden Bundle

November 2022 Sale and Releases

Core Game 1.6 in Stock!
Kingdom Death: Monster 1.6 - Read More

New Releases
Death High Zachary - Read More
Atnas Happy Holidays Tee - Read More
Naked Cat-Eater Knight - Read More
Screaming Sun Armored - Lucy - Read More
White Sunlion Armor - Erza - Read More

Upgrade to 1.6! Card Packs On Sale NOW!
Legendary Card Pack - Read More

Seasonal Selections + Returning Favorites
Black Friday Death Dice Dice - Read More
Classic Death Dice - Read More
Death High Alister - Read More
Death High Erza - Read More
Dragon Slayer - Read More
Fall Death Dice - Read More
Fallen Hero - Read More
Gear Card Sleeves - Read More
Libra - Read More
Naked Forbidden Bundle - Read More
Naked Nightmare Ram - Read More
Naked Questing Maids - Read More 
Novice - Read More
Performing Artist T-Shirt - Read More
Satan - Read More
Sci-Fi Erza - Read More

Painting Contest

In lieu of a traditional Community Spotlight, we are showcasing a few of the submissions from the Pinup Painting Contest. Coins are minted and headed into well deserved hands. Judges rend their clothes and tear their hair at the splendor of the entries.

Note - Submissions are titled by painters, if a submission does not have a title it is because a title was not entered. 

Ultima MG - White Speaker


No surgeon could match the bloody precision of a giant all seeing woman. 

Phantasmal Colors - King of Nothing


Gazing from above, standing in a sea of rust, a king of nothing.

Zero - Apotheosis


With such flawless skin and gold trim who could blame this Apotheosis for their vanity?

Kaan H - Storm Knight


Getting the chills looking at this Storm Knight. Other symptoms include a small nose bleed and a metallic taste in my mouth. 

Tabo.jin - GOD EATER


Unchained and angry, this Forsaker is ready to eat gods.

Vladamyr R - Evening at Ease 


After a hard day of balancing bacterial colonies and clearing clots from the infinity web, this Disciple likes to kick back and relax to vintage vinyl and classic games. 

Lea B - Dung Ball


With a somber color palette and a sultry expression a big hunk of dung has never been so darkly alluring. 

Cap - Phoenix Dancer 


This bloody Phoenix Dancer looks to have just finished a costly melee in sunbaked terrain. An exceptionally grim twist on this mini. 

SEG Studio - Perfect Cell Dung Beetle Sisters


Taking inspiration from a certain telekinetic time traveler, this slick personification of a genius architect and its stinky creation form a perfect tableau.

Craft of Death - Path to Peril


A monster so beautiful that its victims are rumored to sometimes hang their own necks in fealty. A scene as seductive as it is macabre. 

Corentin R - Among the Lanterns 


An intrepid knight following the lanterns. He is on a search to train more of his own kind. 

Mammedov - The Great Miracle


In this magical composition, the artist has made the Visionary the Scribe’s handwritten hero. She’s even popping out the Scribe’s book!

Scotomancer - Frogdog


The Frogdog gives a cheeky smile as she bears a bounty of dogspoles in both arms. Too cute!

Zuguo Z - The Adventurer Captured a Lion 


You ever see the personification of a canine riding a flying feline?! Well, now you have. Unbelievably cool and creative composition!

Drew S - The Honey Pot


Her face stuffed with sticky sugar, Drew S’ Honeycomb Weaver is addicted to the sweet stuff. Excellent skin tone and contrasting colors.

Aapo - Seraphine


Here stands Seraphine having slain a creature she once loved. A haunting tableau of bruises and blood. 

Charlotte D - Ramette


Loving all the lights angles and poses on this Ramette. Really perfectly captures the fun personality and tone of the mini. 

Jerome R - Regeneration Suit


This glass base and precise color palette make this model look like a space age femme fatale. Very sleek!

Anna H - The Chopping Block 


Atop layers of sediment, this Butcher looks to have recently hacked through a victim who barely scratched her thigh. 

Alec S - Percival Forgot the Sunscreen 


Don’t you hate it when you remember to bring your parasol, death cola, death chips, towel, flip flops, beach ball, and sun chair, but you forget to apply the sunscreen!

The State of Mail Delivery


Due to the continued global pandemic, mail systems have been under an incredible strain. As always, we appreciate the patience of our customers and ask that you understand that delays are expected and normal. 



Update on Expansion Pre Orders!


EU Preorders have begun shipping, with UK and AUS orders to follow in the coming weeks.  Following that, we hope to fulfill our US and Rest of World shipments in mid-December.

When will my order ship? 

Shipping has been severely impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please expect a longer time for your parcels to arrive.

High volume sales may cause shipping delays. Generally, we pack and ship orders daily, however, during new releases we estimate shipping delays of 2 to 4 weeks. We apologize, please be kind to our team as they process and pack your order. Thank you!


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