Kingdom Death News! - August 2022
KDU#71 - August 2022

KDU#71 - Strange Tidings

With the season well underway, we at the Kingdom Death headquarters are excited to share some updates on our products and some information regarding our mid-summer sale!

Expansion reprints are almost ready! We caught a few issues during quality control, and while it's never fun to find a problem, we're working closely with the factory to resolve them. We eagerly await a final - final set of adjusted proofs! Keep a Glorious Eye & Restless Ear open for our pre-order announcement when we're ready to make them available on our webstore.

It is also our solemn duty in these Frogdog days of summer to remind you that our Pinup Painting Contest is ongoing. So please: ready your best brushes, fill that old mug with water, and put paint to plastic. We want to see your pinups! All valid contest submissions will be awarded a King’s Coin, with the possibility of even more wondrous prizes! 

For our summer sale we have some resin and plastic miniature encores that are back by popular demand. Finally, we have two new photoresin releases for you to feast your eyes upon: Summer Cyrus and Doll.

New Photoresin Releases
Summer Cyrus


Encore Releases



Fallen Hero

Last Bard

Death High Savior

August 2022 Sale and Releases

Core Game 1.6 in Stock!
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New Release
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Doll - Read More

Encore Resin & Plastic Releases
Satan - Read More
Fallen Hero - Read More
The Last Bard - Read More
Death High Savior - Read More

Upgrade to 1.6! Card Packs On Sale NOW!
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Seasonal Selections
Summer Death Dice - Read More

Community Spotlight

This week’s community spotlight features paints that are ineligible for the Summer Pinup Painting contest because they are not pinups. They are nonetheless excellent paint jobs, and are undoubtedly deserving of our attention. This month, we’re featuring a pale sword seeker, a dauntless explorer, a coin slinging savior, and Lucy after a decade in darkness.

Mystical Mage

With a burning hue in her eyes, Lorenzo Sasso’s Mage looks like it just experienced the impossible and is ready to invoke the Beast of Caratosis in a loud booming voice. The artist successfully creates a mystical color scheme with their use of purple and magenta. Excellent linework and shading on the cape as well. 

Tools for Taking

Temple Explorers are expert treasure hunters, well versed in the art of avoiding traps and dodging pitfalls. Sato1_sugar’s Temple Explorer appears to have found herself in a particularly large temple or cavern chamber. This is a pristine recreation of Lokman Lam’s original art.  Every last detail is here, from the trimmings on the tools to the white of the teeth. The textures on her well-worn boots and socks are also a nice touch. 

Death High Score

Maartje Giesber’s Death High Savior is in an all too familiar situation. Too many games and too little time. At least she doesn’t have to feed that handheld quarters. In love with the color effects here. Their fullness really makes the miniature pop, she almost looks computer animated. The linework on the bag and apparel is very crisp as well – we’re fangirling over this fangirl’s bag and sneakers. 

Ten Years in a Weekend

Three years ago we celebrated our 10th anniversary by releasing a special set of our four starting survivors after ten hard lantern years in the darkness. Alexandre Gille took a weekend to give 10th Anniversary Lucy life in the form of color. With daggers in her hands, and determination in her eyes. We’re struck by the flawlessly flesh tones on the model, especially the lantern lighting effect on the right thigh. Bonus points for impeccable photo quality.

When will my order ship? 

Shipping has been severely impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please expect a longer time for your parcels to arrive.

High volume sales may cause shipping delays. Generally, we pack and ship orders daily, however, during new releases we estimate shipping delays of 2 to 4 weeks. We apologize, please be kind to our team as they process and pack your order. Thank you!

The State of Mail Delivery

Due to the continued global pandemic, mail systems have been under an incredible strain. As always, we appreciate the patience of our customers and ask that you understand that delays are expected and normal. 



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