KDU#90 - 2024 arrives with a bang!
KDU#90 - January 2024

KDU#90 - Happy Lunar New Year!

Salutations! Lunar Allison and Aya are attending a Lantern Festival in order to ring in the new year! A veritable troupe of faces both old and new join them, all gathered together to celebrate by the lantern's light. Zelda and Galanthus are a pair of early survivors with vastly different origins. Xell dashes onto the scene with her indomitable Stampede Glaive. Entobra stalks the shadows in search of her vengeance. And another facet of the Twilight Order's inscrutable arrangements is revealed with the advent of the Kingslayer Twilight Knight.

Have you been busy wielding your paintbrushes and polishing your skills? Rejoice! The team is proud to announce the start of the 2024 Gambler's Chest Expansion Painting Contest. Scroll down below to learn more about how to apply and the fabulous prizes we have in store!

January 2024 Releases

New Resin Releases
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Kingslayer Twilight Knight - Painters Scale - Read More

New Hard Plastic Releases
Early Survivor - Zelda - Read More
Lunar Aya
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Seasonal Exclusives
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Holiday Death Dice - Read More
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Savior 40 Years - Read More
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Monster Game
Monster 1.6 Game - Read More
Gambler's Chest Expansion - Read More
Premium Card Sleeve Sets Read More

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Gambler's Chest Painting Contest is Here!

We are so excited to showcase the talents and perspectives of Gambler's Chest fans with a GAMBLER’S CHEST PAINTING CONTEST. Accepting submissions until April 30th, 2024; don’t miss your chance to show off your skills and win amazing prizes!


Fill out your details, Select a category for your submission (Monsters, Narrative Sculpts, Armor Kits, Diorama), and add your images.

All qualifying submissions will be showcased on KD's website! Everyone's a winner! Review rules and scope out the details and prizes. We can't wait to see your vision!! 


Community Spotlight

Another lantern year, another bounty of beautiful stories from our lovely community! On the docket this month: a story woven in tattoo, expressive paints of narrative sculpts, bloodlust for bunnies, and an adoring fan!
Full Sleeve!

Avictus Dragon spent the past 2 years collaborating with tattoo artist Andrew Conner on this sleeve with the goal of showcasing the narrative progression of Kingdom Death by the light of a lantern. The piece is phenomenal. Featuring too many monsters and references for us to list here. Definitely the most comprehensive KDM tattoo we’ve seen to date. 

New Narratives

We’ve enjoyed following the reddit user Tyr’s painting progress on the Gambler’s Chest Expansion. Their latest work features narrative minis Father and Son, Cursed Spear, Leyline Walker, and Axe Mom. The painter eschews blending here, leaning on layering and highlighting to get the desired effects. Check out Tyr’s comments on the post for a detailed breakdown of this expert painting technique. 

Pastel Pascha

Pascha is a survivor who happily takes on the bloody task of hunting the vicious and plentiful lagomorphs. Codenamezero0000 displays a mastery of light and shadow. This Pascha comes colored in unified Easter style pastel tones. She looks lovely descending her staircase with verdant hare and pinkish globs of blood dripping from her dagger. 

Big Fan

Sen is a fan proficient survivor who hones her craft by controlling scorching geothermic gusts created by nearby vents. Tallyho_minis' Sen is picture perfect, barely distinguishable from Lokman Lam’s original art. The flawless flesh tone pairs nicely with a delicious red floral pattern on the gloves. Even the tiny flower above the chest is accounted for. 


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