KDU#88 - November 2023

KDU#88 - Black Friday Sale 50% OFF and more

Black Friday is a milestone for us every lantern year. On this darkest day we perform the ritual of gratitude to honor fans old and new. A fiery offering for the present, a prophecy for the future, and a summoning of the past.

Fiery Offering
A truly monolithic offering, the Gambler's Chest expansion arrives to darken your doorsteps. A massive, omni-expansion with a host of new expansion monsters, new rules to customize and transform your game, and a stunning miniatures box bursting with incredible monsters and dramatic survivors. A stunning successor to Monster.

To celebrate the arrival of the blackest chest, we welcome players new and old with an unheard of pairing, a retail Gambler's Chest Expansions bundles a steep discount on the core game, the Starting Survivor Set. Or finally dive in with no life preserver with the Ultimate Starting Survivor Set.

A digital offering. The Kingdom Death: Simulator gains its first Hunt XP. One year from its preview, the dwellings' doors reopen with new features and improvements. This lantern year the monsters of Expansions of Death Vol. I emerge from the darkness, creeping and barreling toward the dwelling. 

Exclusive Black Friday figures and festive Black Out death dice and 50% OFF an immense array of beloved items.

Prophecy of the Future
Naked bundles foretell the future, miniatures that have not yet arrived in the game leak through the void. Painters and hobbyists can enjoy them now, while we await their arrival on the stone-face plains.

The pledge manager gates reopen to reveal the future, welcoming existing backers and preorders of upcoming and far-flung expansions of lantern years to come.

Our annual Black Friday kickstarter mega-update arrives to divine a mountain of news about future releases, this year featuring the Campaigns of Death.

Summoning of the Past
Beloved miniatures of the past appear once more to haunt us from the triumphs of yesterday. Find discounts on releases of the past offered but once a year.

For those observing, have a wonderful holiday!


Monolithic Offering

The Gambler's Chest expansion retail release. This box full of bonus promises is now the biggest possible expansion of expansions. Transform your core game with new monsters, new rules, and a new riveting story.


Black Friday Fresh Offerings
Sunlantern Armor - Aya

Screaming Sun Armor - Lucy (Hard Plastic)

Blackout Death Dice

Waiting in the Railyard

Naked Future Bundle 2023


Behold the Starting Survivor Set and the ULTIMATE STARTING SURVIVOR SET.
The perfect way to start your journey into Kingdom Death: Monster


Kingdom Death: Simulator Year One Update!

The virtual Monster experience is one year spookier and bigger. The stone cloud, eyeclops camera, and ghost pen arrive for dwelling keyholders. Play the virtually with friends in the only dwelling suitable for Kingdom Death: Monster.

All 12 original kickstarter Monster expansions are now available for purchase.
Order your keys or learn more.

A warm, awful feeling graciously collaborated with Team Death and the Dark Architects to make this overview of KDS after lantern year one. We are grateful for your hard work and insight covering this ambitious project

Prophecy of the Future

Naked Cat-Eater Knight

Naked Questing Maids

Naked Forbidden Bundle

Naked Nightmare Ram

Pledge Manager Reopens

Your annual chance to snag the future of Kingdom Death. Backers and bakcers will receive a separate email with a custom link to their pledge manager.
Black Friday pre-production exclusives in the preorder store. 


Black Friday's Massive Kickstarter Soothsaying

Check our Black Friday 2023 kickstarter update. Campaigns of Death steps into the spotlight, a feast of kickstarter news awaits.

A Summoning of the Past

White Sunlion Armor - Erza  (Hard Plastic)

Black Friday Death Dice

November 2023 Sale and Releases

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Starting Survivor Set (Kingdom Death: Monster 1.6 + Gambler's Chest) - Read More
Ultimate Starting Survivor Set  
(Kingdom Death: Monster 1.6 + Gambler's Chest + Expansions of Death Vol 1) - Read More

New Releases
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Screaming Sun Armor - Lucy - Read More
Sunlantern Armor - Aya - Read More
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New Digital Releases
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KDS - Digital Expansions of Death Vol 1 - Read More
KDS - Dung Beetle Knight Expansion - Read More
KDS - Flower Knight Expansion - Read More
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Future Miniatures Preview
Naked Forbidden Bundle - Read More
Naked Future 2023 - Read More
Naked Nightmare Ram - Read More
Naked Questing Maids - Read More 
Naked Cat-Eater Knight - Read More

Gambler's Chest Painting Contest

Official rules for the Gambler's Chest expansion will be handed down by the Dark Judge in December. Anticipate scrutiny of your finest Gamber's Chest monsters and survivor narrative sculptures, and armor kits.

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