KDU#91 - Killennium Love
KDU#91 - February 2024

KDU#91 - Dawn of a New Killennium!

This leap year, love and death are in the air! From sweethearts to heart crushing severe injuries, we have a bevy of new releases and old favorites to excite the passions. After lantern years of breathless anticipation, the Vignettes of Death series makes its triumphant return with Vignettes of Death- Killennium Butcher. Morgan the savior also makes her gameplay debut this month, bringing a long forgotten Dream with her.

Is painting one of your true loves? We've got you covered! A new painter's scale model is now available, featuring Lunar Aya with two head options for different painting styles. In addition, limited quantities of early survivor Zelda will be available in bust format, and fans of our Generic line will be pleased by the appearance of a male Knight. Finally, highly requested encores make their return. Our 10th Anniversary Survivors and Blushing Owl are available once again. Don't miss this chance to snag these fan favorites!

February 2024 Releases

New Monster Releases
Vignettes of Death - Killennium Butcher - Read More

New Resin Releases
Generic - Male Knight - Read More
Lunar Aya - Painters Scale - Read More

New Hard Plastic Releases
Character - Morgan the Savior Read More

Seasonal Exclusives
Valentine's Day Pinup Twilight Knight Read More
Valentine's Day Death Dice - Read More

10th Anniversary Survivors - Read More
Blushing Owl - Read More

Monster Game
Monster 1.6 Game - Read More
Gambler's Chest Expansion - Read More
Premium Card Sleeve Sets Read More

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Kingdom Death Simulator - 02/24 Update

The Dark Architects are ever busy, adding features to the sim while battling the Dwelling for online stability! This month, they have added a few features and released the indomitable Survivor, Stampede Glaive Xell, Adding move and dash automations to all indomitable survivors!
Community Spotlight

The start of a new Killennium is the perfect time to pick up a brush and brush up on your painting skills. We are still accepting submissions for our 2024 Gambler's Chest Painting Contest. Don't miss this opportunity to display your artistic prowess and win some fabulous prizes!

This month's Community Spotlight is all about fan art! Our selections today document a marrowist's odyssey to master the Grand Kingslayer, a survivor decked in bone regalia, and the Phoenix demonstrating The Difference Between Us!
Grand Gormslayer

Ever since learning about the destructive capabilities of the Grand Kingslayer, Lantern's Reign community member Gravis has made it their objective to train a survivor to harness the weapon's deathblow potential with consistency. Gravis has mapped out all of the gear and knowledge a survivor would need to possess in order to accomplish this, and commissioned the help of ErosPandaArt to bring this character to life!

From the survivor's Stone Skin to the mound of Handed Skulls she rests upon, see if you can identify the rest of the components of Gravis' grand plan from this expertly rendered piece!

Drawn to Bone

The desperation for life can sometimes push a survivor to display aggression comparable to any monster they face, and none embody this more than the fierce Orek designed by inkofviolet. Equipped with Bone Earrings and a set of Royal Decorations, Orek wields weapons in both of his hands. Those interested in learning more about Orek should swing by inkofviolet's drawing streams to glimpse how he was designed as well as some of the other members of her illustrated settlement!

Ambushing Phoenix

In many ecosystems, the Phoenix exists as the Top of the Food Chain. Zar Barbatos captures the truth behind this statement with a piece depicting the Phoenix looming over a battle-scarred Lucy. Anyone that has ever experienced the despair of being ambushed by a level 3 Phoenix will surely be able to attest to just how fitting the tone of Zar's artwork is.

Brand New Hobby Headers!

Frequent visitors of our webpage may have noticed that we recently performed a design overhaul of our site! As part of our visual update, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing work our community have done over the years! Shadesofdecay's Grimmory, simenmaler's Willow, and christopher_r_davis' Pin-up Male Visionary now adorn the graphic leading to our hobby page. To quote Adam, "we have incredible fans"!


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