KDU#93 - April Arrivals
KDU#93 - April 2024

KDU#93 - April Arrivals

Rebirth is a bloody business. It's time for some festive chaos. Frenzied revelry is the name of the game this month, and we have some wild releases to get your blood pumping! Pascha is joined by the newly introduced Usagi to herald the Lagomorph's month of multiplication with a sanguine sacrifice. A lovingly crafted bust rounds out our Morgan themed releases. And another slayer of Kings joins the ranks of the indomitable survivors.

The shop is stocked with works new and old illustrated by the great Danny Cruz. Arriving to the showdown, Cruz's Indomitable Survivor Lordsruin Titus, killer of kings. Smelted in the deepest crucibles of the Kingdom Death vault, the iconic Forge God by Cruz re-emerges as an Archival Remaster. The undefeated carnal collector, the Witch of the East Star finally makes her appearance. Usagi hops into the fray and a new Death High athlete takes position. Plus the return of Easter seasonal exclusives, sought after encores, and more!

April 2024 Releases

New Resin Releases
Death High Necromancer - Read More
Forge God Archival Remaster - Read More
Morgan Bust - Read More
Witch of the East Star - Read More
Usagi - Read More

New Hard Plastic Releases
Indomitable Survivor - Lordsruin Titus Read More

Seasonal Exclusives
Easter Apotheosis Read More
Easter Death Dice Read More
Easter Aya - Read More
Lolowen - Read More
Easter Pinup Twilight Knight - Read More

Pascha Variant - Read More

Monster Game
Monster 1.6 Game - Read More
Gambler's Chest Expansion - Read More
Black Knight Expansion - Read More

Premium Card Sleeve Sets Read More

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GCE Painting Contest Draws to a Close

The end of April quickly approaches and with it, the final days to submit your Gambler's Chest Painting Contest entries. Because we love our fans and we know something about chasing deadlines, we are extending the painting contest deadline to May 10th. 10 extra days to make your submissions. We are frenzied with excitement to see your interpretations!!!!
Shipping Kickstarter Rewards on the Horizon

Boatloads of kickstarter rewards are sailing to our shipping partners around the world. Backers can learn more from the kickstarter update. Frogdog expansion, ultimate showdown board, t-shirts, death dice, and role survivors are getting ready to hit your mailbox!! Backers will also be notified separately about their upcoming shipping charges when everything is ready.
Community Spotlight

April showers us with an incredible array of wonderfully work from the community! This month, we have a live-streamed paint of the Black Knight, a delicately detailed savior, a Gorm with ghastly eyes, and a knight wielding a legendary weapon.

Streams from the Citadel

We have been big fans of BigDeno since his lovely livestreams painting (and playing!) the Gambler's Chest Expansion, and now he's adding the Black Knight to his repertoire! If you're looking to watch an immensely talented painter's real time process for bringing the ferocious guardian of the citadel to life, look no further. 

Magenta Morgan

The ever adept codenamezero0000 has rendered an absolutely unreal expression of Morgan with skin so splendid we almost didn't realize she was a miniature! There are too many things we love about this work to list, but it would be remiss of us not to give particular mention to the expertly crafted OSL bathing Morgan in the magenta light of Olthawartta

Gormcore Horror

We think Nikkikolls' Gorm is the perfect monstrosity to peek if you're looking for a shiver down your spine despite the warmer weather! Its pitch-black glassy eyes, matching nails, and bloody maw are all the fuel that's required to kickstart nightmares. Meanwhile, the nicks and scrapes displayed on the monster's hide tell the story of just how much punishment its able to endure without faltering.

Knight of the Moonlight

Li's Generic Male Knight is simply put, exquisite. The Knight's greatsword is a piece de resistance, giving the simultaneous impression of wrought stone and ephemeral light. His ornate armor is impeccably furnished, providing the swordmaster with a sense of weight and gravitas. His flowing garments and stoic expression serve as flawless complements to his holy blade.


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